Brother Knights, Spouses and Social Members,

The first month of 2017 is behind us and hopefully everyone’s year has started out better than before.  We had a nice showing for the Quarterly Communion Mass at St. Mary’s, followed by a Memorial Service for members and their families who passed in 2016.  This service was the first one that we had musical accompaniment, with Mike Elbert, John Jurko and Joel Fritz playing guitars and Bob Steinmetz on the keyboard.  This was very special and we plan to continue with this in the future.  If possible, attend this service and see how special it is for the families and for you.  I appreciate Mike, Pam, Matt McGuire, and  Barb  Jurko for the help provided for breakfast following the service.  If I forgot anyone,
I’m sorry and will give an atta-boy in the next Knightline. 
Upcoming events are as follows:  FEBRUARY 5 –SUPERBOWL SUNDAY (doors open at 4:30 PM);   FEBRUARY 11-VALENTINE’S DAY SPAGHETTI DINNER (6:00 pm-$5 COST-Music by Drew Doman);   FEBRUARY 12-DISTRICT FREE THROW (12 noon at ST. JOSEPH-AMHERST)  NOTE: WINNERS REPRESENTING OUR COUNCIL ARE JULIUS MOON 10 YR. OLD BOYS AND SAMMY ZAMBATARO 11 YR. OLD BOYS.  The runner-up for 11 yr. old boys was ANDREW VELEMIROV.  The winners from here go to ST. HILLARY’s. Thanks to Gary Siwierka for chairing this event.  He put a lot into this and had 13 volunteers from Elyria Catholic shop up to assist with this.  He has a commitment from Elyria Catholic to host this event next year. 

VIVAT JESUS. Jim Lynsky FDD, PGK, and GK.  


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