Brother Knights, Spouses and Social Members,

A NEW YEAR is upon us (I know, shocking news).  If 2016 was a bad year, thankfully it’s over and we can have a new start.  If 2016 was a good year, may it continue into 2017.  I will only harp once on it.  PAY YOUR DUES if not caught up. If you are thank you.  From now on the harping will come from Dave Bauer. There are many events coming up this month, so make sure to mark your calendar, your I-pod, Smart Phone reminder, or whatever.  Here are the dates and events, chronologically:   JANUARY 5th Trustees meeting at 6:30 PM; JANUARY 8, 2017 (SUNDAY)-K of C Free Throw competition at St. Mary’s Gym from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  The age groups for both boys and girls are from 10 years old to 14 years old as of 1-1-17; JANUARY 12 Officers meeting at 6:30PM/Regular meeting at 7:30 PM; JANUARY 14 CHILI COOK OFF starting at 5:00ish PM; JANUARY 22 (SUNDAY) Quarterly Communion Mass at 8:00 AM St. Mary’s; JANUARY 28 (Surprise 70th Birthday party for John Kaspar (never mind I guess I blew it).  Actually John is providing entertainment by DREW & CLAUDIA, etc.  Come down and celebrate this milestone with him.   
I want to thank Gary Siwieka for chairing the Free Throw event.  The winners will receive trophies and go on to compete County-wide at St. Joseph-Amherst at a later date.  The winners there then continue on to the Diocese competition at Avon Lake High School and from there to State in Columbus.  Another pleasant announcement is that the Scholarship Committee has awarded 8 Scholarships at Elyria Catholic for well-deserved children/grandchildren of Council #774 members.  We thank their parents/grandparents for their support of the Council.

VIVAT JESUS.   Jim Lynsky FDD, PGK, and GK.

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