Brother Knights, Spouses and Social Members,

I'm appreciative of the faith that you have in me to be your Grand Knight again.  When I was Deputy Grand Knight (in the days of the dinosaurs) Dave Davies was the Grand Knight, and I felt that I needed more time to understand the job, as he was such a dynamic GK, so I asked for an extra year as Deputy GK.  I understand Deputy Grand Knight Robert Geierman's desire to have another year to get ready to take over as the Grand Knight, as he would have to follow another dynamic GK, Dave Reser. Both Dave's did so much for the council that it appeared to be overwhelming to try and duplicate their leadership.  I guarantee you that I am neither Dave.  I, and subsequently Robert, will need your support, suggestions, volunteerism and especially prayers in order to keep this council as the best around.  

The new officers are an outstanding group of men that we should emulate.  I would like to especially thank Dennis Baluh for continuing to put together the Knightline and try to make me sound like I know what I am talking about and getting the word to the membership. Dave Bauer has been super helpful in trying to re-assimilate me into doing what needs done, to which I am very grateful. Also, the Trustees and myself want to assure you that we are doing what is best for the organization, and again are open to any and all suggestions on how to improve.  

If you need to contact me, my home #440-926-3389; Cell #440-773-4831; e-mail:

I am yours in Christ,. Vivat Jesus.

Jim Lynsky FDD, PGK, and GK.  
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