Things we do

Please attend your monthly meetings, the SECOND Thursday of the month at 7:30 P.M. Invite a friend to be a new member. It's your club, pay attention and get involved!



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Elyria Council #774

Saturday, January 2nd ~ 8:00 P.M. ~ Weekly Drawing
Tuesday, January 5th ~ 7:00 P.M. ~ Prayer Meeting
Saturday, January 9th ~ 8:00 P.M. ~ Weekly Drawing
Thursday, 14th ~ 6:00 P.M. ~ Monthly Officers Meeting
Thursday, January 14th ~ 7:00 P.M. ~ Monthly Council Meeting
Saturday, January 16th ~ 8:00 P.M. ~ Weekly Drawing
Saturday, January 23rd ~ 8:00 P.M. ~ Weekly Drawing
Saturday, January 30th ~ 8:00 P.M. ~ Weekly Drawing
Saturday, January 30th ~ 9:00 P.M. ~ Monthly Drawing

Thursday Morning Coffee & Donut League
With spring, comes golf! If you have the time and energy, please stop by on any Thursday morning and see where we are scheduled to golf. To those of you who don't enjoy getting frustrated chasing a little white ball, then just come down to the club and enjoy a donut and some coffee and maybe a hand of cards with all the other shifty card sharks! Bob Thompson has the door open by 8:30 am every Thursday!
Advertisers & Patrons
Friendly reminder to send in your payment for 2020 & 2021 years. Advertiser fee is $60, Patron fee is $20. Payments can be sent to our treasurer, Michael J. Elbert, Sr.