Lecturer News

Brothers, We turn over a new page as 2021 begins. It is a great time to reflect on this past year, more challenging than perhaps ever before! Looking ahead let us evaluate our spiritual, family, and personal lives. Set some attainable goals in all three areas. During the year evaluate how you are doing, make adjustments and before you know it 2021 will be a huge success! Keep the faith and the Spirit will guide you. My wish for all is to stay safe, continue to actively support Council 774, and make the coming year one to be a game changer in your lives!

Happy New Year! Peace, Love, and Abundant Blessings always!

Merry Christmas ~ Michael Baran

Financial Secretary News

 The Columbian Club is struggling to make our monthly bills. My prayer is that we can make it because we have a great history at 774. A history of fraternity towards each other and a history of love towards each other and our community.

Our family went to mass for the fourth Sunday in advent. I looked around during mass and noticed a decent number of people celebrating mass but very few young people. I know there are a myriad of reasons why so few young people are not there. When I was a young person, I did not really want to go to mass. It was boring to me. I donít think I appreciated what was going on there. I would rationalize that I just didnít get anything out of it. I recently watched an old video of Mother Angelica on the Eternal Word Television Network and Mother said something to the effect, You should not go to mass looking to get something out of it... you should go to mass to give praise and thanks to our Amazing and Wonderful God... She continued...when you do this, you will get something out of it. Mother Angelica was an amazing woman because she understood Godís modus operandi . Our modus operandi is usually from a selfish perspective of whats in it for me but Godís ways are the exact opposite. Our God sent his Son into the world because our God is all about giving of self!

John Jurco ~ Financial Secretary