Gratitude To Our Sponsors

Mathew 5:4
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
~ In memory of Francis and Janet Callahan.
~ Grant eternal rest for my husband, Gene. Theresa and family.
~ In loving memory of Ed and Betty Thome
~ In loving memory of James (Ted) and Helen Tracey, and brothers Joseph M. Tracey.
~ In Loving Memory of Joan Reaser, Steve Reaser, and Shari Meecha-Reaser.
~ In Loving Memory of Clarence and Mildred Brown.
~ In Loving Memorial of Jim Watson Sr., devoted husband, father and grandfather, and Thomas Falkner, beloved grandson. Rest in Peace! All Our Love -- Anna Marie Watson and Family.
~Renee' Marie Elbert Laubenthal. The Elbert Family
~ In Loving Memory of our parents, Francis and Janet Callahan. With Love, Karen, Terry, Jean, Tom and Colleen.
~ In Memory of our brother, Lorne J. Elbert, Jr. Earl J., Nancy J., Thomas J., Michael J., and Mary Ann.
~ In Loving Memory of Al McCormick. arge
~ In Loving Memory of Cathy Dudziak. The Dudziak, Nicola and Bauer Families.
~ With Loving Memories of my beloved son, Ron. Mother, Martha Peloquin.
~ In Memory of my little flower Renee' Marie Elbert Laubenthal. Forever in my heart, Love, Uncle Tom.
~In Loving Memory of Wade and Geraldine Worcester. Nancy, Greg and Family.
~ In Memory of our son, Robert J. Guinta, Jr.
~ In Memory of our dear mother, Patricia. Ed and Jenniene Machovina Family.
~ In Loving Memory of those deceased members of the Neff and Jurco Families.
~ In Loving Memory of Michael E. Stefek. Sue, Chris and Family
~ In Loving Memory of Ted and Hilma Seward. The Seward Family.
~ In Memory of Nancy J. Elbert - Usher. Our Sissy Pooh. We Sure Had Fun. Tom Turd, Turtle and Earl.
~In loving memory of Louis R. Schlotterer Sr. and Helen L. Schlotterer: Together Forever. All our love! Louis R. Schlotterer Jr., Rita Smith-Rogers, Kathy Holt, John A. Schlotterer, Spouses and Families.
Thank You Sponsors!